elaine longtemps america homeland

We Are But One World, paint, cord, mason line, inkjet on fabric, thread, 5.75"x29"x21.5"

Exhibited in "Bend, Fold, Manipulate For Peace"

The colors start out dark and ominous, blacks and deep blood red, the colors of danger, anger, violence, bloodshed, death, negativity, hatred, power, revolt, and aggression, with words describing pollution, contamination, carcinogens, deadly human error and horrible violation of nature.

As we try to deal with the problems, the colors change to purple, the color of brotherhood, truth, taking action; olive green, the color of wisdom, acceptance, understanding, new hope in the development of mankind, standing in someone's shoes so you can understand more of the human journey toward peace and love; magenta, representing tremendous respect for the sacredness of all life; and dark blue, seeing clearly all that there is to see.

These colors work their way to orange, the color of joy, deep insight, trust, acceptance, bonding, expanding awareness to include others, harmony, beauty, creativity, a higher ideal than materialism; turquoise, individual responsibility and humanitarian interdependence, freedom, all forms of communication; blue, the color of sky, integrity, honesty, diplomacy, negotiation, peace, serenity; and green, the color of earth, point of change, new beginnings, healing, being able to move forward, inter-connectedness, balance, love of Earth and harmony with nature and each other.

To read both sides of "We Are But One World," one must change one's viewing position, change one's point of view.

Photography by D. James Dee