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Stardust For Twenty Angels, hand-painted rope, polymer, pencil, cotton duck, gemstones, sequins, 87"x65"x6"

"When you will no longer be part of me, from your memory I will cut out so many tiny stars, and then the sky will be so beautiful that all the world will be in love with the night" Shakespeare

On December 14, 2012, a crazed gunman shot his own mother and then broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, USA and massacred twenty children, twelve girls and eight boys, ages six and seven, six female teachers and staff, and then shot himself. The victims died of multiple gunshot wounds. As the child-killing horror unfolded, the entire country mourned. The reaction was swift and emotional around the world and again raised questions about guns and their legal status. As you drive through the beautiful countryside of Newtown, you feel a sad silence in the air. There are ribbons on some of the trees, and you wonder if that was the home of one of the children. You slow down and speak in a whisper, or you don't speak at all. As the graceful trees sway in the breeze, they say hush... hush, this is sacred ground. In this piece, you are looking through a window at the sky filled with many tiny stars, each one a memory of those children no longer a part of us and yet so much a part of us. The stardust quietly falls from those stars. Hush... hush, this is sacred ground. The basic structure for Stardust is my grid method of music notation (see MUSIC).

Photography by Paul Takeuchi